ElysIoT: Helping Patients

ElysIoT: Helping Patients

“Did I take my pill or not?” is a common concern. Simple confusion about whether a dose was taken can be addressed with a compartmentalized pill box. So, what really drives incorrect medication dosing, a health issue more prevalent than any disease? Often, “forgetfulness” means that someone is not as yet comfortable with prescribed medication.

After discussion with a friend whose self-dosing was admittedly inconsistent, Bhavik Vyas, President and CEO of ElysIoT, began considering ways to harness his technology background to address this very human problem. ElysIoT, an IoT and AI-based startup, was founded to provide not only reminders but also to reinforce the reasons for self-dosing.

With over 20 years at companies like Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Cisco and Agilent, working on processor architecture, networking chips, SOCs and IoT, Vyas began developing an integrated hardware and software platform aimed at doing more than reminding people to pop their pills. “Personalized medication dosing support entails IoT-enabled smart packaging and AI-powered interventions,” says Vyas.

To be introduced shortly, the ElysIoT platform combines IoT connectivity with AI to offer three interconnected products—MagiCap, MagiHub, and ElyCare—to create an ecosystem that informs and supports patients, caregivers, physicians, pharmacists, and other clinicians.

• The MagiCap, available in childproof and easy-open versions, replaces any standard pill bottle cap. Once snapped onto the bottle, the MagiCap uses Bluetooth Low Energy communication to detect the opening and closing motion of the bottle, recording each event in the app, which then triggers appropriate action. Each MagiCap is linked with the ElysIoT app to help locate a pill bottle and record behavior, with tailored messaging and support.

• For acute care, long-term care, and assisted living facilities, where a cellphone gateway is insufficient, the MagiHub links multiple MagiCaps.

Personalized medication dosing support entails IoT-enabled smart packaging and AI-powered interventions

• The application layer, ElyCare, is a wrap-around AI-enabled platform that monitors and offers just-in-time support for correct dosing, such as drug and disease information, and even a video reminder from loved ones.

“ElyCare tracks and monitors patients’ dosing patterns, offering peer-reviewed yet personalized insights to patients at the point of dosing, while also providing caregivers, physicians, and pharmacists the information they need to take appropriate action,” explains Vyas.

Representing the ElyCare platform to the patient, ElyBot helps reinforce the therapeutic rationale at the point of dosing, where it can have the greatest impact. In addition to being able to present examples of successful medication use proactively, ElyBot tailors its communication to potential drivers of suboptimal dosing, based on the patient’s feedback.

For example, if the cost is an issue, ElyBot can “price-shop” in the patient’s geography, taking the low cash price of many critical generic drugs into account. If the patient experiences side effects, ElyBot recommends a discussion with a medical professional to determine if the patient should continue, what means of addressing side effects are available, and other agents in the class or category that may be alternatives.

ElyBot integrates with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple Health for day-to-day communication. Planned integration with common electronic health record platforms will help both caregivers and clinicians track medication dosing, for intervention if/as needed.

Each phase of ElysIoT’s product roadmap will facilitate existing health system interaction. For example, the ability to use integrated weekly pillboxes, facilitate emergency refills while traveling, support remote caregivers’ involvement with medication dosing, and leverage pharmacogenomics for more personalized medication support are all planned.

In short, ElysIoT aims to become a best-in-breed virtual pharmacist, supporting the optimal dosing that in turn, improves cost-effective health and wellbeing.

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San Francisco, CA

Bhavik Vyas, President & CEO

To be introduced shortly, the ElysIoT platform combines IoT connectivity with AI to offer three...