Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC): Facilitating the Adoption of Value-Based Care

Gitesh Patel, CEO, Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC)Gitesh Patel, CEO, Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC)
Value-based care has no doubt changed the paradigms of patient care delivery. If successfully implemented, real-time patient health management reduces operational expenditure and can improve the quality of care. However, health plan providers and payers hit the roadblock when the rubber meets the road, where they have to untangle intricacies in aggregating data from numerous sources, analyzing it, and making the data-driven decisions that would improve patient care. Born out of the need to help healthcare providers evolve with the changing times is a company called Sargas Pharmaceutical Adherence and Compliance (SPAC). “Our primary goal is to enable healthcare providers to utilize the technologies that are available in the market, connect the dots, and keep everybody informed in the scenario,” says Gitesh Patel, the CEO of SPAC.

Consistent with maintaining its roots in the vision to connect all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, SPAC’s intuitive solution allows the aggregation of the data collected from them. The platform captures information from ACOs, clearing houses, pharma companies, physicians, and patients using APIs designed for connected devices. The cloud-native platform with a dedicated patient portal has numerous functionalities that allow them to login and register their activities. From a patient who is using a Smartphone, or wearing an Apple Watch or a Fitbit wearable, SPAC can capture vitals such as heart rate and display it in a meaningful format for reviewing. Similarly, the platform can also register blood pressure and provide the readings for understanding blood glucose information. Patel highlights the practical scenario of the solution through a situation where a teenage girl whose resting heart rate drops to 90 beats per minute. Remotely monitored by SPAC’s platform, her heart rate vitals can be furnished to her physician, a subsequent treatment regime can be suggested, and a reimbursement model is available around it.

Our primary goal is to enable healthcare providers to utilize the technologies that are available in the market, connect the dots, and keep everybody informed in the scenario

The SPAC solution also enables caregivers to monitor patient health proactively. SPAC recognizes how a patient is guided during clinical trials and mimics the process with the help of a guidance framework that includes case manager and physicians. For instance, a patient normally walks at least 500 steps every day. SPAC’s application registers patient’s activity at 50 steps; as the case manager notices the decline in activity, he can immediately call the patient, understand the reasons, and relay causes and symptoms to physicians. Accordingly, the physician can discern the symptoms proactively, diagnose the health issue, and deliver a right treatment procedure.

Stringent adherence to HIPAA guidelines is one thing that SPAC follows to a tee, as they observe privacy rules, sign business associate agreements, and seek consent from patients if sharing of health data becomes essential. Ultimately, the company strives to make its clients succeed in following regulation-compliant value-based care models. For instance, a large ACO had to monetize its patient care program, include physician approval mechanism in its healthcare delivery mechanism, and implement quality measures. Thanks to SPAC, the client is now able to monitor thousands of patients effectively; through the implementation of a “physician approval button,” they had enabled the ACO’s physicians to monitor and review patients’ health status on the go. SPAC also implemented nine clinical quality measures. Eventually, the ACO was able to monetize its patient care program while delivering value-based care.

SPAC continues to advance its solutions and creates a spate of success stories akin to the large ACO and Pharma The firm has been collaborating with clearinghouses in order to build more APIs to simplify data aggregation. With a sheer focus on enabling physicians to monetize their practices, SPAC has become a must-have partner in value-based care.